Born in Florence (Italy)  April 1st, 19776078_10151092685828207_1493786499_n

Lives in Bordeaux, France

Degree (BA+MA): Philosophy – University of Pavia (Italy) 2004

PhD: Anthropology and Epistemology of Complexity – University of Bergamo (Italy) 2008


Current Position:

Post-Doctoral Fellow
ImmunoConcEpT LAB
CNRS, University of Bordeaux


Research Areas

Philosophy of Science
Philosophy of Biology
Theoretical Biology


Personal Page at the ImmunoConcEpt Lab

Previous Positions

Visiting Fellow (2016)
Center for the Philosophy of Science
University of Pittsburgh
Personal Page at the Center

Associate Researcher and Lecturer (2015-2016)
Biology of Cognition Lab (Laboratorio de Neurobiologia y Biologia del Conocer)
Faculty of Sciences
Universidad de Chile

Juan de la Cierva Research Fellow (2011-2013) and Post-Doctoral Fellow (2014-2015)
IAS-Research Center for Life, Mind and Society
Department of Logic and Philosphy of Science
University of the Basque Country (EHU/UPV)
Personal Page at IAS-Research

Research Fellow (2009-2011)
Research Center on the Anthropology and Epistemology of Complexity
University of Bergamo

  • "To say that a system is complex […] is to say that we can describe the same system in a variety of distinct ways […]. Therefore a system is simple to the extent that a single description suffices to account for our interaction with the system; it is complex to the extent that it fails to be true." (Robert Rosen, 1978)
  • “Complexity is not an intrinsic property of a system nor of a system description. Rather, it arises from the number of ways in which we are able to interact with the system. Thus, complexity is a function not only of the system’s interactive capabilities, but of our own”
    (Robert Rosen, 1985)

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