Talk by Alvaro Moreno “La individualidad biologica en los sistemas multicelulares” 15 de Diciembre 2015 a las 13, Observatorio de Bioetica y Derecho UDD, Campus Las Condes AU102

Invitación Charla Individualidad biológica. Álvaro Moreno.


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  • "To say that a system is complex […] is to say that we can describe the same system in a variety of distinct ways […]. Therefore a system is simple to the extent that a single description suffices to account for our interaction with the system; it is complex to the extent that it fails to be true." (Robert Rosen, 1978)
  • “Complexity is not an intrinsic property of a system nor of a system description. Rather, it arises from the number of ways in which we are able to interact with the system. Thus, complexity is a function not only of the system’s interactive capabilities, but of our own”
    (Robert Rosen, 1985)

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